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Which shipments are eligible for refund?

New customer tip

Not all shipments are eligible for a refund credit. Share a Refund only files disputes and claims when a refund is reasonably expected.

The attributes of each shipment, your shipping account and terms of service set related to each carrier are used to qualify the shipments that are eligible for a refund. The claim filing service built into Share a Refund files disputes and claims with the carriers according to these inputs and best practices.

Share a Refund works hard to ensure that each and every potential refund is submitted in a why that maximizes refund credits secured back to your shipping account. All parts of the auditing and claim filing processes are engineered to deliver maximum savings.

Defined attributes

The topics below outline some of the inputs that determine if a shipment is eligible for refund. The parameters related to each auditing point checked on a given shipment are specific to that auditing point, and each is detailed within other articles inside the Share a Refund help center.

Shipment attributes

  • Ship date
  • Services used
  • Charges applied
  • Billed type
  • Applied discounts
  • Size of shipment
  • Weight of shipment

Account attributes

  • Base discounts
  • Earned discounts
  • Accessorial fee discounts
  • Waivers on service type

Global attributes

  • Waivers on service fees
  • Time of year waivers (e.g. Holidays)
Updated on September 2, 2017

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