Understanding the features built-in

Outlined in this article are the dynamic features that set Share A Refund software apart from the rest.

Key featuress

Shipment Audit

A comprehensive, multipoint audit is performed on each shipment using world-class technology.

Claim Submission

Claims for refunds are automatically submitted to FedEx and UPS. Shipping accounts are continuously analyzed and automated procedures are performed to secure refunds.

Claim Verification

Refund claims submitted are tracked throughout the review process. A screenshot of each refund and audit trail of events is visible within the customer’s account.

Manifest Tracking

UPS charges customers for all shipping labels created, including those that are unneeded. The manifest tracking service continuously monitors for unused shipping labels.

Shipment Voiding

Even the most efficient shipping operations leave money on the table by not voiding all unused shipping labels. Unused shipping labels are voided to eliminate unnecessary costs.

Lost and Damaged Claims Management

For many shippers, the process of filing claims for lost and damaged shipments is completely manual. Share A Refund resellers automate the entire process.

Weekly Reporting

Navigating through the massive amount of logistics data can be a lot like drinking from a fire hydrant. Complex shipping data is broken down into easily digestible reports.

Online Billing

Secure and easy payments can be made using credit cards and the AutoPay system.

Detailed Reporting

Comprehensive reporting improves operational efficiencies and provides data in an actionable format.

Carrier Agreement Optimization

Your customers get the discounts on pricing agreements that they deserve. Carrier contracts are optimized for long-term success without the customer having to invest long hours in the process.

Pro tip

All of these features are visible within the demo, and golden talking points to bring up in your next in-person meeting.

Updated on September 11, 2023
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