Add additional accounts to UPS Online Billing Center

The intent of this article is to guide customers in the process of adding new account numbers to the UPS Billing Center.


  1. Login on  
  2. Navigate to the Online Billing Center  
  3. Tap Add Accounts on the bottom right of the page (as shown below)
  4. Select type: UPS Package (default) (typical)
  5. Select Individual UPS Account or Consolidated Plan
  6. Specify Country
  7. Enter Plan Number (6 characters)

    Not sure where to find plan number? Check the top of a pdf invoice. This can be found within PDF invoices within the online billing center or via pdf invoice that comes in the mail. Try the link below.

    Pro tip: Keep the tab open that you are on now, tap the link below to open the page a pdf can be retrieved.

    Billing > PDF invoices  
  8. Tap Continue button
  9. Enter Invoice Number and Invoice Amount.
Loc: Online Billing Center. Tap Add Accounts on the bottom right corner from the Billing Center Quick Links menu.

Still having troubles: Call UPS Customer Service for additional help. 1 (800) 742-5877.

What’s next

Once you have successfully added the account to your UPS user account, the system will automatically retrieve invoices posted to that account as part of normal, standard operating procedures.

Updated on September 8, 2023

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