Enable GL Coding (GLC) on customer account

Helpful tip

Admin and Admin Manager users have the ability to make these changes.

The intent of this article is to provide guidance on enabling GL Coding on a customer’s account.


The steps listed below are ordered for the normal execution of steps required to properly enable GL Coding on a customers account.

1. Send request to customer for business requirements

Business requirements include the following items in a google sheets or excel doc:

  • GL Codes in column A
  • Coding logic in column B

2. Create and execute agreement

Typical terms are listed within the Getting Started PDF, available within the Resources folder in your dashboard.

Pro tip: Send to customer through docusign.

3. Build GLC template.

In the left sidebar, click on the GL Coding

Create a new GL Coding template.

Note: it’s often the case that customers have multiple versions of a GLCoding template. Version control the build by adding the date to the name of the GLCoding template.

Note: take the time to write a quick note in the description. This helps your future self in building context.

4. Enable the service and assign the template

From the Edit User page, Enable the GLC service and specify the terms of the agreement.

Enter the GLC template number in the selector. Click Update.

Additional notes

There’s a few back and forth’s that will be required to Tune the GLC to match the customers business requirements.

Scheduled reports are typically sent weekly in both csv and pdf format. These can be created and scheduled within the user dashboard (i.e. login as Customer) and navigate to the reports dashboard.

Pro tip. Add yourself to the sender list on one customer so that you can see what is sent each week.

Updated on September 8, 2023

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