Prospective candidate background verification process

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The intent of this article is to provide information about background verification. It also provides guidance for Ops Support to perform a background check on a prospective candidate.

Background check

A background check is important because it lets you verify information that a candidate has shared on an application, on a resume, and in interviews. The background check can shorten your list of qualified candidates and ensure that you find the person with the experience, education, and the ability to do the job.

There are different types of background check. Most importantly, is to check for criminal records.


The prospective candidate’s Trello card will be copied and moved to Ops Support board  . This serves as a request for Ops Support to initiate a background check in a prospective candidate.

Search online if candidate has a criminal record or linked to a scam. Use this format:

  • {candidate_name} criminal record
  • {candidate_name} fraud
  • {candidate_name} scam
  • {candidate_name} law suit

When a background check reveals that a candidate has a record:

  1. Make sure the result pertains to the candidate being checked. It may be a case of similar names so cross-check the data with the candidate’s personal information.
  2. The background check result should be added in the card’s description.
  3. Add the red label “Alert” to the card.

The analysis should be reviewed by the Hiring Manager. If the candidate deemed to be unfit for the position then hit the “Assessment Failed” button even if the checklist is not complete.

Updated on May 9, 2023

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