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PE – Prospective Employee
HM – Hiring Manager

The intent of this article is to showcase the workflow for the PE application process.

Prospective Employee

This applicant is someone who is referred to by an active employee of Share a Refund. It can also be someone who could be a good addition to the team based on their profile on websites such as LinkedIn.

Application form

HM can send an application form to a PE in @internal. Follow the steps provided below.

Send from internal ipe  

1. Go to
2. Select a template.

  • Prospective_employee_general : role unspecified
  • Prospective_employee_role : role specified

3. Fill out the necessary fields
4. Tap the Send button.

Card creation in Trello

Once the form is completed by the PE, a card will be added to the Trello board that corresponds to their country of residence.

The card will be added directly to the Interview.Stage list. The PE applicants will not have to undergo the Analysis Stage.

After the card creation in trello, HM will then follow the Interview process.

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Updated on September 30, 2022

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