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This article details steps on how to scrutinize the applications received for the intern position. This is a guide to be used by the Hiring Manager for assessing a prospective intern.

Minimum requirements required:

The Hiring Manager should review the basic information of the prospective intern that shows in the card’s description. The prospective intern must pass each requirement below:

  1. Must be of legal age to work.
  2. Must have a good internet speed (not lower than 5 MBPS). [for work from home setup]
  3. Minimum computer requirement: computer processor is at least Intel Core i5 or equivalent, with 16GB RAM. [for work from home setup]
  4. Educational attainment: College graduate.
  5. Video: Check the quality of the video the prospective candidate sent. This is a nice way to verify their system requirements because a good video means good internet speed and computer specifications.

Job role description

  1. Accepts designated tasks set out by supervisor and/or mentor.
  2. Attend meetings and take minutes.
  3. Perform research requested by supervisor and/or mentor.
  4. Propose ideas and solutions.
  5. Present final project during the internship.

Updated on September 13, 2023

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