Role types

The intent of this article is to define the different roles types available. Access permissions and controls are provisioned by the selection of the role for a given user. Admin users can update any user to one of the role types listed below:

Reseller Admin

Definition : All privileges available. Ability to create and edit users of all role types. (Cannot delete other reseller admin).

Reseller Manager

Definition : Same access as reseller admin. Cannot delete or edit reseller admin role.

Reseller Staff

Definition : Ability to access to resources, manage shipping accounts, access to carrier agreements, and reports. Also can manage access and access user accounts.

Reseller Sales Agent

Definition : Can only access accounts assigned to the sales agent. Assigned by admin or managers. Can create or edit users and shipping accounts. Ability to access resources.

Reseller User

Definition : Shipper. Limited to specific linked account and entered shipping account.

Updated on September 11, 2023

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