Shipment Detail SL Report


The purpose of the Shipment Detail SL Report is to provide in-depth detail about each shipment for a selected account and date range.

How to generate report

Admins and manager users

All reports across all accounts are merged into a single spreadsheet. Individual accounts can be selected from the dropdown menu.


Reports are showcased by shipping account for customers.

  • Tap Reports on the left sidebar
  • Tap the Export data icon
  • Select Shipment Detail SL within the drop-down menu
  • Select Date Range

Fields included within

  • Shipment Reference
  • Service
  • Designation
  • Bill Option
  • Tracking Number
  • Account
  • Percentage Discount
  • Net Charges
  • Billed Weight
  • Zone
  • Receiver State
  • Receiver Zip
  • Ship Date
Updated on September 13, 2023

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