What is launch

Getting started

The intent of this article is to provide an overview of Launch.

What is launch?

Launch provides service to you. Launch gets you up and running efficiently. To be good in business starts with providing great service internally. Our employees come FIRST.

Launch :: Training program for all new hires. Launch is found within the employees section of @support (i.e. the support portal)..

Pro tip: Learn things along the way. The block above is a definition. Note the ‘::’ character. This means is defined as the following. You’ll see many definitions ahead. All are shown in this way.

Launch sequence

There are two launches for each new hire. The 1.0. Org Launch is first, followed by a role-specific launch. Emails are sent to you in regards to each. Start with 1.0. Org launch.

1.0 Org launch

1.0. Org Launch. You are here. This article is the trailhead (first article) of the Org Launch. Proceed ahead.

This is the why and where. The why do we do what we do. And the where do we do it.

More specifically, 1.0. covers the @resources we all use, @gmail, @trello or otherwise, and how to best use those @resources in a standardized way to be efficient and best collaborate with others in Org.

Org launch agenda

Each of the items below is a phase within the Org Launch. Phases include multiple videos. Orientation for example, consists of 5 parts.

Phase :: a series of articles, videos and supporting documents.

Updated on September 8, 2023

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