Add or remove AutoPay

AutoPay is a feature built into your Share a Refund account that streamlines the payables process and ensures that your account is current. The topics below are related to managing AutoPay from inside your account.

Enable AutoPay while paying open invoice(s)

Do you see the Store Credit Card option?

Storage of a credit card and AutoPay are both enabled by default.

  1. Go to Make a Payment. 
  2. Look for Enter Card or Bank Details.
  3. Enter Information.

Switch AutoPay to a different payment method

Does the card already exist?

Tap the card to enable for AutoPay from inside the customer account.

  1. Go to Payment Methods. 
  2. Select Make Primary.

Note: the alternate payment method persists in storage and can be used as a backup payment method.

How to pay invoices without saving a card

Paying open invoices?

Simply uncheck this setting when paying an option invoice to not save a credit card.

  1. Go to Make a Payment. 
  2. Look for Enter Card Details Card.
  3. Enter Information Card.
  4. Remove checkbox selection on Save Credit Card.

Remove a payment method and disable AutoPay

What to disable AutoPay?

Delete the card from the system.

  1. Go to Payment Methods. 
  2. Tap Remove.

Note: this will remove the payment method from the system and disable AutoPay.

Keep payment method and disable AutoPay

This setting disables the AutoPay feature and stores the payment method for manual payment of open invoices. To disable AutoPay, proceed with the following:

  1. Go to Payment Methods. 
  2. Tap Remove Primary.

Note: set calendar reminders to log in and pay open invoices. AutoPay is the preferred workflow for timely payments (i.e. payment is attempted on the due date).

Figure. Remove Primary.

  • The due date on invoices is the date that payment is attempted with a stored credit card or ACH info with AutoPay enabled.
  • The primary card on file is defined as a stored card or bank info with AutoPay enabled.
  • A card or bank info stored on file with AutoPay enabled is the primary method of paying open invoices on your account.
  • Alternate payment methods may be used to pay open invoices.
  • Credit / debit cards and bank info is stored according to Level 1 PCI compliance standards.
Updated on September 12, 2023
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