How to verify refunds and credits

Billing adjustments related to service failure and overcharges are applied to shipping invoices as credits. This guide showcases how find these refund credits using the tools built into your Share A Refund account.

Using a Share A Refund invoice

Trying to see more info on a tracking number?

Search for that tracking number within your Share A Refund account to quickly see all details that shipment.

  1. Login to Your account.  
  2. Tap Invoices on the left sidebar.
  3. Tap the Invoice to see details.
  4. Tap the Tracking number in the description field.
  5. On the shipment details page, find the Dispute activity table.
  6. Tap on item with the status of Credited. This displays a screenshot.
  7. This screenshot was taken from inside the carrier website. Look for the tracking number inside the Disputes and Adjustments History table.

Each refund credit applied to shipping invoices is verified to actions taken by Share A Refund to get that refund secured back to your account. Any refunds applied to your account that were related to actions your team took to get that refund or automatic refunds provided by the carriers are neither invoiced nore billed service fees. Topics within this help center cover Understanding my bill in greater detail.

Using a Share A Refund export

  1. Login to Your account.  
  2. Tap Reports on the left sidebar.
  3. Tap the Export data card.
  4. Choose Refunded shipments Detail in the templates field.
  5. Enter the targeted date range and file type.
  6.  Tap the Download button.

The exported document can be opened in any spreadsheet tool (e.g. Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel) and showcases the refunds verified. This scope is limited to the refunds secured by actions taken by Share A Refund, and the shipments relate to the line items on recent Share A Refund invoices.

Using the carrier online billing tools

Each carrier provides online tools to you that help you understand costs. The steps to verify each shipment are varied. The best course of action is to search for the tracking number where a refund was secured. Customer service team and support resources provided by the carrier are the best tools for getting help with navigating your shipping account.

Using a carrier invoice

  • The debits showcased on your shipping invoice are the costs related to shipments billed to your account.
  • The credits are refunds and credits that were applied to your account.
  • Each carrier details the refunds and credits posted to an invoice with the same tracking number to post both credits and debits.
  • The invoice where a credit was applied may be different than the invoice were a debit was applied, both related to the same tracking number.
  • The Dispute activity table on Share A Refund details where the refund or credit was secured. In the case of different invoices for credits and debits, Share A Refund will post the invoice number where a credit was secured, and apply screenshots taken from within your dashboard to assist in verifying the refunds.
Updated on September 7, 2023

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