Update user information

The information associated with your business or organization is editable from within your Share a Refund user account.

Useful tip

All user information managed within the customer dashboard.

How to update your user information

  1. Login to your account.  
  2. On the left sidebar, tap Profile.
  3. In the cards on this page, look for User Information.
  4. Update the First name.
  5. Update the Last name.
  6. Update the Company name.
  7. Update the Phone number.
  8. Update the Address.
  9. Update the City.
  10. Select the State / Province.
  11. Update the Zip / Postal code.
  12. Select the Country.
  13. Tap the Update button for the card.

How your user information is used

Your information is protected

Share a Refund does not share, sell, rent or trade your information with third parties.

The information provided on this page is used to create various documents for your account. A list of these documents include:

  • Consolidated reports
  • Scheduled email reports
  • Commercial invoices
  • Sales receipts
  • Credit memos
Updated on July 25, 2017

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