How multiple shipping accounts are handled

Did you just add a new carrier user account to your Share a Refund account?

Shipments across all your account numbers will be loaded within your account within the next few minutes.

Multiple shipping account numbers can be added to a single carrier user account. This topic covers the basics on how Share a Refund handles all shipping accounts within a single carrier user account.

Carrier user account

The username and password used to login on,, etc. are commonly referred to as the carrier user account.


Shipping accounts

The shipping accounts numbers attached to a user carrier account at the administrator level. Organizations with multiple accounts should have all accounts attached to the carrier user account entered into Share a Refund.

The best way to check if all shipping accounts numbers are attached to carrier user account is to look within the carrier website. There, a dropdown of the shipping account numbers is visible. This can be compared to the invoices received by the carrier.

In the case that not all shipping account numbers are included within the carrier user account provided, contact customer service for the carrier to have the other accounts added.

Access permissions

The access permissions specific for a given account are set up at the administrator level. Such permissions include the ability to create shipments, view recent carrier invoices, and more.

In the case that the online billing features are not enabled for a given user account, follow the directions within the email sent by Share a Refund to enable these settings. Topics within this knowledge base detail the steps for each carrier.

It could be the case that the carrier user account provided doesn’t have permissions to enable the online billing. In such cases, it’s best to reach out internal resources in accounting to get the carrier user account where online billing features are enabled, and enter these into Share a Refund. Alternatively, contact customer service for the carrier to get the permissions added for the carrier user account.

Updated on May 21, 2018

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