How to report a shipment as lost

Is AutoFile enabled on your account?

If yes, it’s likely that Share A Refund already took actions on this shipment.

The last tracking event shows a proof of delivery. In the case that there was no proof of delivery for a shipment, Share A Refund will take actions to validate the delivery.

Marking a shipment as lost will speed up the processing of a lost claim.

The intent of this article is to guide you through reporting a shipment as lost. This invokes Share A Refund to file a lost claim according to the settings on your account.

Directions on reporting lost shipment

  1. Login to Your account. 
  2. Search for the tracking number of the shipment.
  3. Tap on the tracking number in the search result.
    Tracking number not found? The shipment is not yet invoiced by the carrier.
  4. Proceed to the Detail View for the shipment.
  5. Tap the Report as Lost button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Proceed to AutoFile or Manual directions below.

AutoFile directions

That’s it! With AutoFile, documents will be created and a claim filed with the carrier later today, according to AutoFile settings for the shipping account.

Manual directions

Do the following from the Detail View for the damaged shipment

  1. Upload documents.
    Example: Claim forms
    Example: Pictures
    Example: Commercial invoice
    Example: Credit memo
  2. Specify the claim amount (as needed).
  3. Tap the Update button.

All done! A claim will be submitted later in the day.

Updated on September 8, 2023

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