Update the email address for your account

The primary email address associated with your Share a Refund account is the recipient of administration emails for your account.

Useful tip

All email settings are managed within the customer dashboard.

How to update the email addresses

  1. Login to your account.  
  2. On the left sidebar, tap Profile.
  3. In the cards on this page, look for Login information.
  4. Change the email address listed on your account.
  5. Provide the current password for your account.
  6. Tap the Update button for the card.

Events that trigger account emails

Didn't get one of the emails below?

Check the spam folder, and add the sender of system emails to a list of known contacts.

  • Verify email address
  • Welcome to Share a Refund
  • Invalid credentials for shipping accounts
  • Online billing not enabled
  • Enable features on your account
  • Changes recently made on your account
  • Password reset request
Updated on July 25, 2017

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