Service Fees Detail Report

The Service Fees Detail Report can be found within the Reporting Dashboard. The intent of this article is to explain the function of the report.


The purpose of the Service Fees Detail Report displays fees and savings associated with each shipment.

How to generate report


This report is found within the Export Data reports

The following page will appear after tapping the Export data icon

Refer to guide: How to generate customer reports  

Admins and manager users

All reports across all accounts are merged into a single spreadsheet.

Multiple payments made on same invoice

Check out any merchant invoice to see multiple payments. Have this open at the same time as the report. You’ll find that each payment is listed to the right. That way, the report showcases multiple¬†payments, where applicable.¬†

Fields included within

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Customer Name
  • Status
  • Notes
  • Discount
  • Saving Delivered
  • Total
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Amount
  • Payment Status
  • Payment Notes

Schedule reports

The Service Fees Detail Report can be scheduled within the Scheduled reports section of the Reporting Dashboard.

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Updated on February 28, 2023

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