New user registration

A reseller recently asked, “How do I know when someone signs up for the service?”

New user registration notification

All emails that are registered as the reporting contacts for a reseller account will be notified via email when a new customer has signed up for the service. These emails keep resellers up to date in real-time and help to determine next steps.

The new user registration email will display the Shipping Account, Shipping Account Type, and Shipping Account Status. If there’s an issue with processing, the error will be displayed in this new user registration email.

The new user registration email goes out to the reseller five minutes after a sign up to give the customer time to eliminate any issues prior to the reseller being notified.

Useful tip

In addition, each person on your team has an individual login and settings specific to the account. All changes are tracked to specific users and logged within the reseller dashboard.

Updated on January 14, 2018

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