Choosing an icon and logo

Consider doing a logo design with a hired designer. This way you can do several back and forths to get exactly what you want. While there’s many services to choose from, the on that we recommend is Envato.

Tips on logo creation

Go with a flat design. The logo will be used on various background, including title bars and more. With that, having a logo that can be changed to a single color (e.g. white) to incorporate a diverse pallet of backgrounds and more is recommended.

Go with an icon that’s no a part of the text. There are several places inside your reseller account, where the text cannot be modified to change a letter into a special character. With that, any icon should be a separate design component to the text of the logo.

Consider landscape and portrait formats. Having a few different orientations of your logo ensures that there’s a suitable option for all of the branding materials that are created for your reseller account.

Choose a normal font. Dozens of email templates, flyers, case studies and more will be created for your reseller account. The text within is mostly Arial. The reason is that not all browser support unique fonts.

Design inspiration. The icon of the logo should incorporation something related to shipping, parcel, saving companies money, refunds or a play on the words in the brand name of your reseller account.

File formats

Get vector copies of the logo. Once you have created the logo, it’s always good to keep a soft / scalable copy of the logo on file, including one of the following file formats, ordered in priority of convention / preference:

  • .ai
  • .esp
  • .pdf
  • .svg

Get web copies of the logo. A .png format of the logo is best for use within your reseller website, app, emails. Each of the following dimensions is preferred:

  • Width x height
  • 484 px x 212 px (max height)
  • 230 px x 60 px (max height)
  • 133 px x 112 px
  • 32 px x 32 px

Note: The dimensions above in bold are strict dimensions. Other dimensions can be smaller than the size stated; the number provided is the maximum height for that version of the logo.

Updated on February 13, 2018

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