Shipment audit and recovery process

As a reseller, a customer could ask you about the process for audit and recovery. The intent of this article is to outline the workflow for the Audit and Recovery Service.

Steps in the shipment audit and recovery process

  1. The carrier invoice is posted to customer shipping account
  2. Reseller company performs a comprehensive audit of the invoice, including each individual shipment listed within the invoice. Individual packages are audited for late delivery, surcharges, address correction fees, lost and damage, duplicate charges, weight corrections and more.
  3. Reseller company automatically files disputes with carriers. The customer doesn’t have to lift a finger in the process.
  4. Carrier responds to disputes.
  5. Responses analyzed by reseller company and follow-up measures on invalid responses are taken.
  6. Carrier responds to follow-up disputes.
  7. Carrier applies credits to customer shipping account.
  8. Reseller company verifies credits with screenshot and audit trail.
  9. Reseller company invoices the customer.
  10. The customer pays the carrier invoice.
How exceptions are managed

Exceptions are submitted by emails, phone calls and electronic filing. All possibilities for filing disputes are exhausted.

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Updated on September 8, 2023
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