Apply a waiver to a shipping account

You may have a current or future customer with contractual waivers on late shipments. The intent of this article is to detail how the settings are updated on a customer shipping account to accommodate a waiver.


Money-back guarantee settings for each shipping account associated with a carrier user account are adjusted through observation within a given shipping profile. In addition to this, a Merchant Admin or Merchant Manager user can make adjustments on the page according to the directions below.

Types of waiver settings

  • No Waiver
  • Full Waiver
  • 60 Minute Waiver
  • 1 Day Waiver

Directions on how to apply the waiver

  1. Log in to the Merchant Admin dashboard
  2. Go to the Edit Shipping Accounts card.
  3. Set the ‘MBG waived?’ value to Y
  4. Tap the update button.

How to make manual adjustments to money back guarantee settings

  1. Login as Merchant Admin
  2. Go to Edit User view
  3. Navigate to Edit Shipping Accounts card
  4. Tap the pencil icon for a given shipping account
  5. Open the Edit Shipping Account view
  6. Tap the Account Numbers button
  7. Tap the account number to open settings for a given shipping account number
  8. Update selections by service type


  • changes to settings are made by the system according to the observed shipping profile
  • manual changes do overwrite the settings
  • specifying a waiver for each account number associated for a given carrier login is managed on the Edit Shipping Account view
money back guarantee enabled services

How this waiver setting affects the audit and recovery process

Once you select Y on the MBG field, this removes the claim filing service on shipments delivered late due to service failures. Any shipment that is delivered late, due to a missed commitment from a carrier service failure or otherwise, will not have disputes filed.

If you have any questions on how to enter waivers into the system, then reach out to Merchant Support.

Updated on September 12, 2023

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