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Created user with admin role incorrectly

As a reseller, you have the ability to set user roles. Occasionally, you may designate a user as an admin incorrectly. The intent of this article is to explain how to correct this issue within your reseller account.

Disable admin account

Due to security purposes, you cannot switch an Admin to another type of role. Instead, follow these directions to disable the account and create the user again.

  • Login to your reseller account.
  • Tap on Users on the left sidebar
  • Search and select the user in the system.
  • Mark user as Enabled = N.
  • Confirm disabling user within the popup to remove access.
Pro tip

If the User needs to use the same email address, you must edit the email address on the Edit User page of the disabled user and update the account. No duplicate email addresses are allowed in the system.

Add user to the system

  • Login to your reseller account.
  • Tap Users on the left sidebar within the dashboard.
  • Tap Add User button.
  • Select User from the Role Type field.
  • Complete the required fields on the form.
  • Tap Add User button at bottom of the form.

This will allow you to create the user again in the system, with the correct email address and correct role.

How to update user roles

The following directions are intended for Admin Reseller Users.

  • Login to your reseller account.
  • Tap Users on the sidebar.
  • Tap Add User button.
  • Select the desired role from the Role Type field.
  • Complete the create user form.
  • Check send welcome email box or send password reset email if necessary
  • Tap Add User button.

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Updated on December 6, 2019

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