Directions on generating a CAO contract

This article the steps to create a CAO Contract within your merchant account. A Contract is downloaded to your browser in PDF format. Editable versions can be found within the Resources folder of your merchant account, within the Doc tab.

Directions on generating a CAO Contract

  1. Select CAO from the left sidebar in your admin user account
  2. Tap on an existing CAO Prospectus or the Create button
  3. Tap Generate Contract tab
  4. Insert Client Company information including address
  5. Input Name and Title of Client Company decision maker
  6. Input Title of the decision maker listed above
  7. Specify the length of the contract
  8. Specify the terms of the agreement
    Example: Gainshare pricing
    Gain Percentage Year 1: 50%
    Gain Percentage Year 2 & 3: 50% 
  9. Tap Generate Contract button
  10. Download the CAO Contract as PDF
Note on contract terms

A different contract will be created based on the specified terms, whether gain-share or fixed-fee pricing.

Edit the PDF Contract

The Resources folder within your admin account houses a soft copy version of the PDF Contract. You can make changes in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Once changes are complete, save the document as a PDF.

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Updated on September 12, 2023
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