Disabling a user account

Did the user terminate the account accidentally?

Mark the account as enabled = Y from inside the customer dashboard, and mark each shipping account related to the customer as active for all services to resume.

The intent of this article is to guide you through the workflow of disabling a customer account, and what happens when a customer account is disabled.

Paused vs disabled

Status = Paused. Pauses on an account relate to unpaid customer invoices, invalid login credentials to carrier accounts or online billing disabled for the carrier account. Pauses can be resolved by the customer without merchant assistance.

Enabled = N. Disabling an account can be done by either the customer user or the merchant user, and effectively terminates all future activities on the account. Resolving disabled accounts can only be done by the merchant user.

Disabling from inside the merchant dashboard

Disabling an account is effectively the same as stopping all future auditing, dispute and claim filing on the account. When an account is disabled the following occurs:

  • The user login is disabled.
  • All auditing, dispute and claim filing stops.
  • Notification, billing and schedule report emails stop.

Terminating from inside the customer dashboard

A customer has the ability to terminate from the customer dashboard. This can be done within the settings menu of the customer dashboard. When this occurs, the user account is moved to enabled = N and the status of all activities on all shipping accounts are set to paused.

The notification email recipients listed for your merchant account will receive an email immediately when this occurs.

How open invoices are managed

Any open invoices remain due. Payment to these open invoices can be made with typical payment methods (e.g. credit or debit card, check, ACH).

Future invoices related to open activities, including previously submitted disputes, claims or otherwise may be tracked through verification. In the case that refunds are secured related to these open activities, related invoices could be generated.

Re-enabling a customer account

This can only be done from within your merchant user account. To do so, proceed with the following directions:

  • Go to the Edit User page
  • Set the Enabled field to Y.
  • Look for the Shipping accounts card.
  • Tap on each shipping account.
  • Set the status of the shipping account Active.
Updated on September 11, 2023
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