Double quotes in reference fields on customer shipping invoices


Double quotes are used as separators between comma delimiters in a CSV file. If a customer uses double quotes in one of the UPS, FedEx or DHL shipment reference fields, the CSV format of invoices posted to their account will not format correctly. This requires a manual edit on our end to get the invoice imported into the customer’s account.

How to fix the issue

This problem is specific to the reference fields. To correct the issue of double quotes in reference fields, the change must be performed in the software or system used to create shipping labels. Send an email to the customer that will explain the issue and request that the customer remove double quotes in reference fields.

Reference field options

The reference fields provide context on what was shipped and reference related business transactions. It’s common for shippers to use some of the items listed below within the carrier reference fields.

  • SKU / Product ID
  • Customer order ID
  • Purchase order ID
  • Number of items in the box
  • Pick ID
  • Box type ID
  • Cost account
Updated on September 8, 2023
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