Emails sent by Share A Refund to resellers

Every reseller receives occasional emails from Share A Refund.  These emails might include new feature announcements, new user notifications and other information related to your account or a customer’s account.

Share A Refund emails sent to the reseller

Every email is branded with Share a Refund brand colors and displays the Share A Refund logo. These emails are directed to the reseller and not intended to be forwarded to the customer. Emails created specifically for your customers include the reseller brand name, logo, and colors. The only name they see on all marketing materials is yours.

For example, each week your customers receive a report detailing all shipping activity within their accounts along with details on the type and number of refund claims filed, the number of claims approved, and the total of those refund credits for each shipping account. The emails and invoices generated include your brand name and logo.

Share A Refund emails

Any email with reference to Share A Refund is sent to the reseller notification email recipients only. 

Reseller resources folder

Take a look inside the Resources Folder within your admin dashboard for a host of resources that were created and compiled for your business. There are dozens of email templates which include free trial templates, requests to schedule a demo, switch from a competitor, and much more.

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Updated on September 8, 2023
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