FedEx white screen error

The intent of this article is to suggest a best practice next step in cases where there is a white page error on the website.

There are times where FedEx’s website is not functional. These issues are intermittent, but sometimes related to a permission issue that limits a user’s access and controls. The affects visibility into Online Billing System and the ability to view recent invoices.


The user account provided does not have adequate permissions to view the online billing center. A user can log in on to confirm this manually.

If you’ve received an email related to this topic, then this is an exception that affects the system to perform standard procedures on your account. Your action is required. Proceed by following the guide below.

Next Step

Contact FedEx Customer Service by phone. Instruct to obtain admin rights for the user provided (i.e. the username of OR the creation of a new user with full admin credentials.

Be sure to include all account numbers.

A full list of all account numbers is available within your customer dashboard, within the Shipping Account Detail View for your FedEx.

Provide an email response back to expedite the auditing procedures on the account.

Updated on September 8, 2023
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