How to create ads with Facebook business manager

Social media is a great outlet for marketing to people that have visited your website. Similar to Google, Facebook also has remarketing features built-in that can be put to use in building your business.

The intent of this email is to provide you with the key points on how to set up remarketing for on social sites like Facebook.

Pro tip: There are great guides on the Facebook website on how to get this setup properly. Check here for troubleshooting.


Go to Social Business Manager


Create your business profile

  • Add the page for your business.
  • Add an ad account.

Create a pixel

  • Assign an ad account to the pixel.

Go to pixels tab in ad manager


View setup instructions

  • Tap Manually Install Code Yourself.
  • Copy the pixel code.

Paste code into your business page

  • Into the settings page on your merchant admin account.
  • Note: This can also be emailed to

Create an event

  • Generate lead is the recommended choice.
  • Copy the event code.
  • Paste event code into settings page.
  • Copy complete registration code.
  • Paste compete registration code into settings page.
  • Note: These can also be emailed to

Create a custom audience

  • Create an ad using this audience is recommended.

Create a new ad set

  • Select demographics and budget.
  • Specify the ad format.
  • Go to the Resources folder inside of your admin account.
  • Upload the ad(s) Facebook.
  • Confirm the ad.

Set up properly, any visitor that comes to your website is added to the audience created and will see ads on Facebook, Instagram and beyond.

Updated on September 12, 2023

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