How Data Transformer rules work in agreements

Data Transformer is an Agreement Rule that maps shipping attributes. Great for calculating the savings on FedEx One Rate®, service level shifts and more. Data Transformer enables Merchants with precision in savings reports and invoices billed according to gain-share, performance-based pricing. Any potential cost reduction practices resulting from network changes and optimizations can be achieved through Data Transformer.

The intent of this article is to provide a few practical examples of how Data Transformer delivers precision in Savings Reports calculations, as well as the functional parts built into Data Transformer.

Functional parts

The conjunction of multiple rules built into a single Data Transformer instance allows any shipment or cost component to be handled with pinpoint accuracy. Most instances include two or more match fields and transform targets.

Match operator

  • Any
  • All
  • None

Match field

  • Service type
  • Package type
  • Zone
  • Billing unit
  • Payment type
  • Actual weight
  • Rated weight

Match field operator

  • Begins With
  • Contains
  • Ends With
  • Equals
  • Matches Wildcards
  • Is Empty
  • Doesn’t Begin With
  • Doesn’t Contain
  • Doesn’t End With
  • Doesn’t Equal
  • Doesn’t Match Wildcards
  • Isn’t Empty
  • Is Greater or Equal To
  • Is Less Than
  • Is Less or Equal To


  • Service type
  • Package type
  • Zone
  • Billing unit
  • Payment type
  • Actual weight
  • Rated weight

Transform value

  • Transform field data type specific
  • List, Amount, Property

Applications in savings calculations

1. Changes in billing type.

For example, a shipper sends out small boxes that weigh six pounds using Priority Overnight Zone 2. The standard list rate for FedEx Priority Overnight® Zone 2 six-pound package is $41.29 (excludes surcharges). If you review FedEx One Rate®, the cost for the same service is $37.40 for a small box (includes any applicable residential surcharges, delivery area surcharges, and fuel surcharges).

In this example, the Data Transformer maps FedEx One Rate Pak® shipments to billed-weight boxes. If the customer was shipping on FedEx® Billed Weight and is now shipping on FedEx One Rate®, then doing the mapping for the OneRate package to Billed Weight is required to compute the savings.

Use case:
Original: Customer sending small boxes where the billed-type was billed-weight.
New: Customer sending One Rate Pak

Key differences:

  • Different list rates
  • No rated weight
  • Different minimums
  • Different discounts

2. Changes in service levels

The standard list rates for Zone 2 FedEx Ground® one-pound package is $7.85 and a two-pound package is $8.52. Whereas, the standard list rates for Zone 2 FedEx Priority Overnight® one-pound package is $29.18 and a two-pound package is $29.56. If you have a customer who is currently using Priority Overnight to ship packages up to 150 miles (Zone 2), you most likely have recommended that your customer use FedEx Ground® to send these packages. Data Transformer can be used in these instances to support your recommendation and map Ground Zone 2 shipments in the system to Priority Overnight to compute the savings based on making this operational change.

In this example, Data Transformer maps Ground shipments for Zone 2 to Priority Overnight.

Use case:
Original: Customer sending Priority Overnight shipments to Zone 2
New: Customer sending Ground to Zone 2

Key differences:

  • Delivery time by zone
  • Delivery time by day of the week

Business challenges:

  • Limit scope by zone
  • Different list rates
  • Different discounts

Location of Data Transformer

Data Transformer is a Rule within the Carrier Agreement Detail View. Refer to articles related to creating Rules within the Carrier Agreement Detail View within this support center for more information on building Carrier Agreements.

Impact on CAO View

Data Transformer Rules are applied to Carrier Agreement Optimization (CAO) Views automatically. Data Transformer Rules are applied before any other Rules, and each mapped / transformed shipment includes all list rates, discounts, minimums and surcharges targeting a given shipment.

Impact on CAO Savings Report

Data Transformer Rules are applied to CAO Savings Reports automatically. Refer to articles related to linking Agreements within the Edit Shipping Account Page for more information on generating CAO Savings Reports.

Updated on September 12, 2023

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