How do to download a consolidated report for a customer

Useful tip

Advanced reports are found inside the customer report dashboard. All reports can be customized by file type, date range, template and shipping accounts.

Directions to download a consolidated report

  • Login into your admin account.
  • Go to User on the left sidebar.
  • Tap on Login as User to impersonate the customer.
  • Tap Reports on the left sidebar.
  • Navigate to the Download Consolidated Reports card.
  • Select Shipping Accounts.
  • Select Date Range.
  • Tap Download Button.

Features of the consolidated report

The following reports are included in the consolidated report as a single PDF document.

  1. Shipping activity report. Shipment activity reports show the frequency of shipments and the amount spent on each service type over a historical period.
  2. Third-party shipping activity report. Discover third-party shipping activity and cost metrics.
  3. Late deliveries report. These reports are useful in identifying the number of late shipments. A metric that is useful in rate negotiation.
  4. Refund credits report. Your customers can see the refund credits secured.
  5. Service fees report. View the service fees on the refund credits secured.

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Updated on September 13, 2023

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