How to keep up to date with customers

This article details the email notifications you’ll receive to keep you in the know about your customer accounts.

New user notification

The key details of any new customer that signs up are emailed 5 minutes after a customer registers. The 5 minutes is intentional. This way the customer has time to resolve any of the common issues that limit Share A Refund resellers from getting started including:

  • No shipping account
  • Invalid shipping account logins
  • Online billing not enabled for shipping account

In all the cases listed above, it’s good to get on the phone with the customer and resolve the issue quickly.

The same holds true for other types of exceptions. Any time an email is sent to you related to a pause on an account due to invalid credentials, lack of payment or declined credit card, it’s good to take this email as a task, and contact the customer to resolve the issue.

A list of other automated emails that are sent to you include:

  • Declined payment notifications
  • Upcoming pause on account
  • Pause due to lack of payment
  • Invalid shipping credentials
  • Contract termination
Useful tip

Invoicing and reporting emails are sent Monday making Tuesday the perfect day to follow-up on Users and Accounts pending, inactive or otherwise. 

Updated on September 8, 2023

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