How to send a mailer

The Mailer interface lets you send a physical letter in the mail to a recipient. A variety of templates are supplied.


A mailer can be sent for a variety of reasons. When confidentiality is paramount, such as with sensitive or confidential information like account numbers, traditional mail provides a secure and traceable method. In cases where personalization and a tangible touch are crucial, mailing a personalized letter can create a more meaningful and memorable customer experience. Lastly, when addressing customers who prefer traditional correspondence, sending a letter by mail ensures effective communication.

Directions for manual send of letter

  • Open the internal application.
  • Navigate to the left sidebar and select Mailer within Merchants menu item
  • Select Mailer template from the Select mailer template list
  • Enter template specific fields below
  • Enter recipient Mailer fields below
  • Tap Send mailer button


  • Tap Preview button to ensure fields are filled as intended before send.
  • Tap Search CRM for recipient checkbox and enter the global_id for the Account or Contact targeted.

Directions for send of letter via actions

Mailers sent via actions executed through voice prompts or through the services of Magicman. Reference the details of a specific action for details, test examples and how to invoke an action on a given global entity.

Updated on September 13, 2023
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