How to use DocuSign integration

The DocuSign integration allows merchants to easily send contracts and legal forms to customers for a digital signature. It cuts down on the time spent chasing down signatures by automating the entire process. This support topic outlines the workflow for using DocuSign with your customers.

Workflow for using DocuSign with customers

  • Prepare required document within your merchant account.
  • Document is sent to customer through DocuSign.
  • Customer taps Review Document to begin the signing process.
  • Customer selects the checkbox I agree to use Electronic Records and Signatures.
  • Customer taps the start tag on the left to begin the signing process.
  • Customer taps the sign tag to adopt signature and digitally sign document.
  • Once you have completed the signature tap finish button.
  • Signed document is sent to merchant to approve.
  • Completed agreement is sent to both customer and merchant.

Once completed, the customer can now download a PDF copy or print a copy of the document. The sender, or merchant, receives an email with the signed document attached.

How to make changes to an agreement

In the case changes to an agreement are required, download the agreement in DOCX format and make the necessary changes.

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Updated on September 12, 2023
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