Tune a carrier agreement based on CAC reports

Carrier agreements are complex. With addendums and artifacts like Net Rate Tables, it’s common to see some discrepancies between observed and expected.

The Carrier Agreement Compliance (CAC) report helps to identify these errors. The intent of this article is to provide directions for tuning a carrier agreement based on the observed data.

Expected results

Most shipments should be at a difference of $0. As a percentage, this is expected to be 50% or greater of the total shipments.

Look for hot spots

If you see a batch of shipments with a similar amount of discounts, -$0.20 for example, take a look at the other columns to gain context on the Charge Type, Service Type, Weight and Zone specific to those shipments.

Make adjustments

Adjustments can be made to the agreement to move these amounts to the targeted amount in the Difference column of $0.00.

Note: This should be done when the agreement amount is properly defined. Confirmation through review of the agreement is the best approach.

Updated on September 8, 2023

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