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Share A Refund believes in preparing partners to sell in all situations by providing branded sales and marketing materials. This article will outline the Share A Refund generated resources that can be printed and used for in-person meetings or other events. Take a look inside the Resources Folder within your admin dashboard for a host of resources that were created just for you.

Customized marketing materials are only a tap away

Print materials are great for leaving a lasting impression with potential customers. You can locate the hard and soft versions of these files inside the Resources Folder within your dashboard.


  • Brand overview. Introduction email on your brand and the service offerings included within.
  • 15 and 30-day free trial. You can offer prospective customers free trials through this marketing material. Great for passing out at tradeshows and quick pitches.

Cut sheets

  • Brand overview. Introduction email on your brand and the service offerings included within.
  • Auditing and recovery service. Overview on the auditing and recovery service.
  • Lost and damaged service. Overview on the lost and damaged claims management service.
  • Carrier agreement optimization service. Overview on the carrier agreement optimization service.
  • Security. Details the built-in security systems and steps that are taken to keep information secure.

Case studies

Two case studies from different industries are included. One case study shows a customer that made the switch from a competitor and one describes a customer that made the switch from doing the auditing and recovery internally.

Example reports

PDF report that showcases some of the reporting capabilities built-in. This report is also available within the demo provided.

Business cards

Business cards legitimize your business and leave a powerful impression after a meeting. Visit the Resources Folder and select the custom business card template to create your business cards in seconds.


  • Roll-up banner: Great for trade shows, conferences and corporate meetings. Make a statement with this eye-catching, roll-up banner.
  • 3 x 5 banner: Use this banner for both indoor and outdoor events. This banner provides an added touch of professionalism for those major meetings and events.
Updated on September 11, 2023
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