How to use Google Analytics to track conversions

You can’t improve what hasn’t been measured. Google Analytics provides ways to track website traffic and identify problematic web pages where customers are dropping off instead of completing the conversion funnel.

Most signup pages are preceded by other pages tailored to push a customer further toward the goal of signing up. The article below will detail how Share A Refund merchants can configure Google Analytics to track conversions.

Google Analytics goal setup

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account, drill down into your profile, and click Admin in the navigation panel on the left.
  2. Click the Goals tab.Setting up google analytics with goals
  3. Enter a Goal Name, such as ‘signup lead.’
  4. Enter ‘/?thankyou=1/’ as the Goal URL.Google Analytics Goals
Pro tip

It’s a best practice to enter a Goal Value even for unmonetized lead generation. This allows Google Analytics to calculate metrics like Page Value and Per Visit Goal Value.

Google analytics funnel setup

Before you save your goal, you have the option of adding a funnel.

  • Toggle the Funnel switch to “On” to set up the pages of the funnel. Each step represents a web page that your visitors must pass through to reach your Goal.
  • Enter the unique part of each URL and names for the funnel steps:

URLs in the conversion funnel:

  • Step 1: /signup/
  • Step 2: /register/step2
  • Step 3: /register/step3
  • Step 4: /register/confirm

  • Toggle Required switch to “On.” If you want the final report to count entries into the funnel below step 1, leave “Required” switch on “Off.”

Funnel visualization report

The funnel visualization is an efficient way to understand user flow on your website.

  • To view your funnel visualizations, go to Reports click on Conversions and Funnel Visualization

funnel visualization reportYou can see in this example there is a higher percentage exiting the page in Step 1 and Step 2. Only about 28% of users make it from Step 1 through to Step 2.
Google analytics conversion funnel step 1

Pro tip

These statistics can help identify if the visitors are going to another link in the website or exiting the site altogether. If they are completely exiting the site, the page could be optimized and tested to see if data changes.

Prospectus conversion tracking

Each Prospectus is assigned a unique hash value that’s embedded within the PDF documents created as well as the link paths on the view of Prospectus results.

Example link:

The link above showcases the hash value of a unique prospectus created. Replace with your Merchant Instance.

All conversion paths include this unique hash value as a URL parameter. As shown in the example below.

Example link:

This allows for pinpoint accuracy in funnel management and conversion optimization

Updated on September 12, 2023

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