How to verify refund credits on customers’ carrier invoices

As a merchant, your customer may want to verify the refund credits reflecting on their UPS and FedEx invoices.  The intent of this article is to outline the steps to verify refund credits secured by the audit and recovery service on your customers’ carrier invoices.

How to verify refund credits from AAR

During the process of audit and recovery, refunds are first credited to customers’ UPS and FedEx invoices. Once the credits have been applied to a carrier invoice, the merchant invoices for a split of the refund secured.

Every refund credit is reconciled and proof of the actions taken to secure any refund credit is conveniently available. The screenshots are shown on the shipment detail view for any given shipment.

  • Login to the admin account
  • Tap Users on the left sidebar
  • Search for the intended user
  • Tap Login As User
  • Select Shipment Details from the left sidebar
  • Select the hyperlinked Tracking Number
  • Go to the audit and recovery activity card (example below) to view time-stamped activity on a specific shipment

Audit and recovery activity

Timestamp Event Status Comments
12/03/2018 09:23 AM Invoice created for service Success Invoice #123456
11/28/2018 07:20 AM Dispute Credited GRD SERVICE FAILURE , Amount: 8.15
11/22/2018 07:37 PM Dispute Submitted
11/22/2018 05:15 PM Shipment Late Eligible
Important info

The audit and recovery activity card details the type of service failure, the refund amount secured, when a dispute was submitted, when a dispute was credited and when an invoice was generated for the service.

How to download an invoice refund credit report as an admin

If you want to see all refund credits in a consolidated list, this can be scheduled or pulled ad-hoc from within your admin account.

  • Login to the admin account
  • Tap Users on the left sidebar
  • Search for the intended user
  • Tap Login As User
  • Tap on Reports in the left-side column
  • Select Refund Credits Report
  • Select the Shipping Account and Date Range from the drop-down menu
  • Select Download Report

This will give you the targeted report as a download to view shipping information in a consolidated format.

Next steps

Schedule the report to be emailed to the customer or yourself using the Schedule email Reports card on the Reporting Dashboard page.

Updated on September 12, 2023
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