Instruct Customers on CAO Savings Report

The intent of this article is to give resellers guidance to customers regarding the CAO Savings Report and its contents.


  • On your dashboard on the left sidebar tap Invoices
  • Tap the pencil icon to the right of the customer for the invoice you need
  • Scroll down and tap the file attached to download the .pdf
  • Create video explaining one shipment. Study how we saved. Check the agreement.
  • Send CAO_Savings_Report_Overview.pdf along with a note that the CAM savings report is viewable on the Invoice Detail View. This is emailed to the notification email recipients in the Settings page of User account.

Pro tip: Refer to the Resources folder to find CAO Savings Report guides and examples.

  • Within Resources use keyword search “cao” to find CAO_Savings_Report_Overview.pdf
Updated on September 8, 2023
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