Last Invoice Amount Report

The intent of this report is to help merchants see the invoice date for a given customer account. Drops and volume related to missing account numbers, etc. are easy to visualize with this report. This report is found within the Merchant Dashboard.


The purpose of the Last Invoice Amount Report is to display invoice information for each customer, sorted by row.

How to generate report

Refer to guide: How to generate customer reports  

Schedule this report

Create a scheduled report to go to the program manager, sales agent and ops support team on a weekly or monthly basis. This helps along the workflows that check for any drops in volume and help merchants take action faster.

Admins and manager users

This report is accessed through the Reporting Dashboard within your account.

Fields included within report

  • User ID
  • User name
  • User city
  • User state
  • Company name
  • AutoPay method
  • Date of last invoice
  • Days since last invoice
  • Last invoice amount ($)
  • Invoice summary (0-30 day period)
  • Invoice summary (30-60 day period)
  • Invoice summary (0-6 month period)
  • Invoice summary (6-12 month period)
  • Rolling average slope (final-initial / initial)

Schedule reports

The Last Invoice Amount report can be scheduled within the Scheduled reports section of the Reporting Dashboard.

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Updated on September 12, 2023

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