Manage foreign currencies

The intent of this article is to detail how foreign currencies are managed seamlessly for you through the Share A Refund system.

Manage foreign currencies

The currency used on a customer’s shipping account is used as the bill to currency type for the customer by default. Supporting currencies include USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, MYR, HKD, EUR, among others.

The Edit Customer Page within your admin dashboard showcases the currency used on a given customer account, and adjustments can be made within.

The system requires all shipping accounts within a customer’s account to be denominated in a single currency. Multinational customers, with accounts denominated in multiple currencies, can create one account for each currency required.

Deposits made in the default currency

Transactions denominated in any foreign currency are routed to your bank account as a payout in your local currency. As such, receiving payment from an international customer in a foreign currency is as easy as receiving a payment from a domestic customer.

Reseller invoice exchange rates

When it comes to the reseller invoice, the amount due is calculated in the fairest way possible: using the same exchange rate that was applied to the deposit that was posted to your account. The date and effective exchange rate are listed on each foreign currency transaction.

Updated on September 8, 2023

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