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The intent of this article is to detail how move buttons are used in @trello to help deliver:

  • Clear and concise responses
  • Labels on exception cards for review procedures
  • Move cards across the trello board

Types of move buttons

Move →
Move ←

Notice how the forward button Move → is first. This is intentional. Under normal operations, this is the button that is tapped at the end of a stage in the procedure.

Example use

Role: Sales Support.

Workflow: Unit testing of the work performed on a card. In that the card was previously moved from Dev.Dev to Dev.Review by another Sales Support user, in this example, most likely the one who did the work.

Button: Dev.Create to Dev.Dev.

Dev.Dev is the cutting tool.

This list can be thought of as a saw blade. Focus only on this task. No cards should be left on this list. Move in. Move out. No distractions.

Approach: User taps button → Move to begin work on the card.

Once user is complete with work, tap the same button once again.

This implies that the work done in this step is now complete.

Exception handling

There are times where the work, as specified by the standard operating procedures, results in the work being performed as an incomplete level. Additional inputs are required, or more generally a rework of the work performed at the previous step requires the work to be evaluated once again.

In such cases, the ← Move button is the intended target. This sends the card into the processing queue for rework on the former list, on to the left.

Best practice

Use the buttons where possible. Sure cards can be moved by tapping on the active list name (at the top of the card) and moving the card in that manner, but then the automation that’s built into the cards by your colleagues won’t work as intended.

The use of buttons is considered best practice always. The target build is one where the use of buttons is so evolved and specific, that buttons are classed into names defined by workflow.

Extend the notion of efficiency to infinity. The most efficient workflow is one where in a single click of a button, using values incorporated into the custom fields, description or otherwise performs all actions on a card in an instant.

Perhaps above and beyond the simple logic that’s there now. Improve it as you go. It’s your workflow now. You own it.


It’s important to follow the procedures that are in place around how cards move on trello. Please read and focus deeply the what trello can do, and how to do it well. Be the best. Have good trello hygiene.  

Updated on February 10, 2021

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