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Settings related to synthetic records affect the routing of traffic within your reseller application. The intent of this article is to provide guidance on the settings required in creating synthetic records within the DNS settings of your domain.

  • Permanent redirect
  • Do not forward path
  • Enable SSL

When to use synthetic records

Prospectus. A common synthetic record is a subdomain forwarder for the Prospectus. Resellers commonly direct or to, where the ‘example’ is the domain name specific to the reseller.

A common synthetic record is a subdomain forwarder for the Prospectus

Non-www to www. Resellers that opt to use one of the hosted website templates created by Share A Refund requires a CNAME record to be created for www and point to the endpoint of the hosted website. This will direct any user that types into a browser to the website, but any request without the ‘www’ is not routed. To resolve this, a subdomain forwarder directing requests without the ‘www’ to the path is required.

Differences between registrar

The settings are unique to each registrar. GoDaddy, Google Domains, Route 53 all have different ways of handling synthetic records. Fortunately, phone and chat support is provided in most cases. This available support can help resolve any questions related to managing the DNS settings of your domain.

Having trouble with your DNS settings?

Contact your registrar’s online support team to resolve any issues with your DNS settings.

Updated on September 8, 2023
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