How to identify if the user is a linked user

The Linked User Feature makes managing customers’ accounts more efficient. As a merchant, you may want to view which users are linked to specific accounts. This article outlines how to identify if the user is a linked user.

User List View and Linked User

  • Sign into your admin account.
  • Tap on Users in the left sidebar.
  • In the User List View, User Sub Account tag in Role column identifies the Linked User. 

Note: The role column in User List View also displays trial tags. 

Edit User page

  • Sign in to your admin account.
  • Navigate to left sidebar and tap on Users.
  • Locate and select the customer in the Users page.
  • On the Edit User page, you can view the Linked User status.
    • Example: Linked User of John Doe
  • John Doe links to the Edit User page for the Primary User account

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Updated on September 11, 2023

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