Disable void shipment services on a UPS account

There are business cases when the Void Shipment service needs to be disabled for a customer. This article will outline the steps to disable void shipment services for a customer’s UPS account from within the merchant admin account.

Directions on disabling void shipment services

  1. Login to your merchant account.
  2. Tap Users in the left sidebar.
  3. Identify the Intended User and tap row.
  4. Tap the required UPS Shipping Account to update.
  5. Navigate to the Edit Shipping Account card.
  6. Tap Void Shipments and select N.
  7. Tap the Update Shipping Account button.

Importance of voiding UPS shipments

UPS charges for every shipping label that’s printed, even those that go unused. All unused shipments that are available within an account can be voided up to 180 days. Shipping labels on a customer’s account that are still unshipped and unvoided after 30 days are processed by the shipment voiding service. This service submits refund claims on unused shipping labels with UPS in the exact format required to get claims processed quickly and refund credits delivered faster.

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Updated on September 12, 2023
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