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UPS charges for every single shipping label generated. So, if you, or a third-party shipper, don’t use or void the shipping label, a charge will be incurred. Even the most efficient operations end up having unused shipping labels. This article will explain how Share A Refund voids and reports on shipping labels that go unused.

How Share A Refund voids unused shipping labels

Share A Refund tracks and monitors every UPS label.

Shipping labels created on a UPS account are automatically tracked by Share A Refund’s manifest tracking service.

When a shipping label is 30 days old, Share A Refund’s shipment voiding service takes action and submits billing adjustments on unused shipping labels with UPS in the exact format required to get disputes processed faster. Unused shipping labels are at risk of being billed to your UPS account and this built-in service eliminates those forgotten, extra or unused shipping labels.

Share A Refund will only bill a service fee for a split of the savings once the void request is processed and the requested refund is added to the UPS account in the form of a credit applied to an invoice.

Share A Refund tracks the refund credits as they’re delivered back to the shipping account. These refund credits are delivered one of two ways:

  • A credit on a future invoice.
  • A refund to credit card on file with UPS.

Once a credit is delivered, Share A Refund notes the amount credited and generates reports on the savings delivered.

Void shipment reporting

Unused shipping labels are reported within Share A Refund system. Dashboard views showcase the number of unused shipping labels tracked and voided. Consolidated reports are available for all UPS accounts. Account specific reports are available within each UPS account managed within Share A Refund for a customer’s account. Refund credits related to unused shipping labels are detailed in the email digest that is sent weekly to customers.

Shipment details are available within Share A Refund system.

Reporting includes a timeline of auditing activities, the real-time status of a shipment, screenshots taken within your UPS account to provide proof of auditing actions taken, and any refund credits related to a given shipment.

Updated on September 8, 2023

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