How to enable Strip invoices/payment info

The Strip Invoices/Payment Info feature is for merchants who bill customers for additional services outside of the Share A Refund offerings and generate a consolidated invoice for those services. The intent of this article is to guide you through the steps to enable Strip Invoices/Payment Info for a Customer.

Steps to enable Strip Invoices/Payment Info

Admin and Manager Users have the ability to turn off / hide the billing and payment info on a customer account. Follow the steps below to enable the feature.

  • Login into your merchant account
  • Go to the Edit User page
  • Navigate to the Billing Options section
  • Tap the Strip Invoices/Payment Info box

What your customer sees

All invoice and billing related cards are masked from the UI.

Tap targets within cards that point towards billing and payment related views are directed towards the Dashboard page with the following alert message: Alert! Billing not enabled. Contact your account manager.

How it affects customer invoicing

No changes in pricing, terms or payment methods are affected by the Strip Invoices/Payment Info feature. Any attributes specified for a customer remain in effect.

Updated on September 12, 2023

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