What is Global ID?

The purpose of this article is to provide guidance to on Global ID and how to use Global ID to access services within the app.

Overview on Global ID

Global ID provides a UUID (universally unique identifier) that is specific to one Account, Contact or User. A user generally memorizes to Global ID string specific to his or her account to accelerate features within the services.

Location of Global ID

Global ID is found within the top right menu of user dashboard. Tap the name and icon on the top right menu to expand the drop down section. Look at the bottom of the menu for a seven character string (or more) of characters thats starts with the letter g. This is your Global ID.

Use of Global ID

Think of Global ID as your user number. Use this value to grant permission to services available within your dashboard.

Various locations through the service workflows require the Global ID for security and verification of information.

Tip: Copy and paste the Global ID into the related field within a chat prompt, or have up on the screen or in reference when calling in to get services.

Issues most common with Global ID

The items below are the most common troubles, exceptions in use of Global ID, along with suggestions as follows on how to resolve these such common issues:

Incorrect or invalid Global ID
In the case a user suggests a Global ID that is reported as invalid through services built into the application, log in to the dashboard to again verify the Global ID. Note: the Global ID specified is specific to the merchant account targeted is surely different than that of a different user. This is relevant to users with multiple instances of Merchant or User Accounts.

Unable to log in to locate Global ID
Log in and navigate to the top menu. Expand the menu to see the Global ID listed within the user dashboard. If you are unable to login, then ask an admin within your organization (i.e. Program Manager) for help in locating your Global ID or contact customer service.

Unable to speak or recognize the Global ID into the phone call
In cases where the phone system is unable to recognize your voice (i.e. due to an accent or speaking impairment), the Global ID can be verified through chat services. Alternatively, the request for additional services for those customers with a disability are available through customer service. Please contact customer service for additional information.

Updated on September 12, 2023
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