Why Share A Refund is free

Some transportation management companies not only charge a monthly fee for their services but enforce a contractual agreement. That’s not the case with Share A Refund. There’s no onboarding cost or monthly fees to access the software. You don’t have to pay an annual licensing fee to use the proprietary technology built into Share A Refund. Share A Refund believes every business should have the opportunity to lower their transportation costs without losing additional money to outrageous fees set by transportation management companies.

Product pricing

Share A Refund has different pricing models that are based only on actions taken by Share A Refund to secure savings. You’ll never be charged a membership fee for using the software.

Free Prospectus

Share A Refund takes free seriously. That’s why Prospectus, a free parcel assesment web tool, was created. Prospectus shows businesses the potential savings available on shipping invoices posted to their accounts for free. It’s just one way Share A Refund sets itself apart from other transportation management companies.

Free Evaluation

What’s next?

Ditch the contracts, forgo the signup fees and watch Share A Refund do all the work to get savings delivered back to your business.
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Updated on September 11, 2023
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