How to manage customer accounts pausing

Did you get a customer pause email?

Notification of automatic actions taken on a customer’s accounts are sent to the notification contacts listed within your merchant settings.

A customer account pauses when an invoice is 10 or more day overdue. The notification email sent following this action is intended to help you manage these pauses on your merchant account. The topics below showcase what occurs during a pause and how to go about resolving the paused customer account.

What happens during a pause

Auditing and recovery stops. No billing disputes are filed on a customer’s shipping accounts.

Lost and damage management stops. No claim documents are generated or submitted to the carriers on behalf of the customer.

Tracking of pending refunds continues. Any open disputes or claims are tracked through completion. Any refunds secured after the pause are invoiced.

Customers can still sign in. This is be design, so that payment can be added to open invoices for example. If you no longer want the customer to login, then simply mark the account as Enabled = N on the Edit User page inside your admin dashboard.

What to do after a pause

Call the customer. The fastest way to get a payment issue resolved is to get on the phone with the customer. Usually the issue is related to the billing email not being routed to the appropiate parties (i.e. accounts payable department).

Add terms to the account. Check payments are forever delays. Hence why it’s called snail mail. With this, net terms can be added to the customer’s account on the Edit User page inside your admin dashboard.

Apply a discount. Discounting open invoices as a courtesy to the customer is a good move, if the promise of adding a credit card to the customer dashboard is apparent. This hold true, especially at the beginning of the relationship.

Updated on September 11, 2023

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