Merchant billing velocity report

Recently a merchant asked, “Why does the system show $767.89 in refunds delivered between September 3-9, but only $11.69 in payments?” This article will explain the billing velocity report and what merchants can expect.

Billing velocity report explained

Refunds are reported one week ahead on customer invoices. This is due to the day of the week, or days of the week, that invoices are posted to carrier accounts like FedEx and UPS.

All refund credits are reported through Sunday of the calendar week observed, and related customer invoices sent the following Monday. In the example above, the customer invoice was sent on 9/10 (Monday) and will show up on the report posted to your account on Sunday 9/16.

Integrated billing system

Invoices are automatically generated and emailed directly to customers, based on each customer’s settings including invoice terms, service fee percentage and payment method. All of these items are things you manage and control.

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Updated on September 11, 2023
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